Friday, July 14, 2017

It's Only July: 2018 Indiana U.S. Senate Election Making Headlines

It's been quite a week in the U.S. Senate Race for 2018.

Taking the bad news first (from the candidates' perspectives), the American Democracy Legal Fund has filed FEC complaints against Republican candidates Todd Rokita and Luke Messer because they continue to campaign for the office and have raised more than $5,000 and yet remain unannounced as candidates.  Both of those things would seem to violate federal campaign laws.

Rokita and Messer say the ADLF complaint is baseless and Rokita's campaign called it politically-motivated.

Messer and Rokita each have, on the positive side, sizable $2 million plus warchests according to Indy Politics to fire political bombs at each other prior to having the survivor face Joe Donnelly in the general election. It's going t be a nasty nasty primary.

On the Democratic side, Donnelly also got some bad press this week.

An AP report published on Thursday said that a company owned by Donnelly's brother and that the Senator had profited from had benefited from using labor at a plant in Mexico.  Donnelly, of course, has been a loud and vocal voice against companies sending jobs to Mexico such as Carrier and Rexnord.

The Donnelly campaign says that the Senator's family's company employs many Hoosiers and Americans and that he's still committed to making better trade deals such as renegotiating NAFTA.  It remains to be seen if this has any traction.

On the good news side, Donnelly has raised nearly $4 million for his reelection fight.  Of course, he's going to need a lot more than that.  Abdul-Hakim Shabazz also reported on his Indy Politics website that Donnelly is sporting a 53 percent approval rating.

We still have 10 months until the primary in this race, and it feels like it's already campaign season.

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