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About the Blogger
Jon E. Easter
Jon Easter was born in Indianapolis in 1975.  At a young age, he got an interest in politics when his grandmother would talk about the Presidents.  When he was six, his mother got him a book at a junior high book fair on the 40 Presidents up to that time.  Jon read, re-read and read the book some more until he wore it out and needed a new copy.  Easter vividly remembers his mother taking him with her to vote on the big lever machines.

In school, his interest grew.  In a family full of Republicans, Easter thought he was one, too.  He often found himself at odds with his family over many issues, but he didn't really understand what it all meant.  In 1992, a Presidential candidate named Bill Clinton ran for the office.  Still too young to vote, Easter began to change his politics.  He graduated from Ben Davis High School in 1993 and moved on to Indiana University in the Fall of 1993.

In 1994, Easter voted in his first election.  In 1996, he proudly cast his first Presidential vote for the reelection of Bill Clinton.  At that point, he never looked back again to the Republican Party.

Easter graduated from Indiana University in 1997 with a degree in Secondary Education.  He concentrated on English and journalism.  His first teaching job was back at his alma mater, Ben Davis High School.  That lasted about a month as he filled out the year as a permanent substitute.  Later that year in June, Easter was hired at Franklin Central High School to teach radio broadcasting.  A little over two years later, he left Franklin Central to return to Ben Davis High School where he teaches today.

Back in 2000, Easter worked his first election as a poll Sheriff.  That began his political career, so to speak.  Since then, he's been a poll judge, a poll clerk, a precinct vice committeeman, a precinct committeeman, and a Ward Chair.  Easter also was elected Vice President of the Decatur Township Democratic Club in 2005.  In 2008, he became the President of the club, and he served in that role until 2011.  Currently, he's back to serving as Vice President.  Recently, he completed a six-year cycle as an officer of a neighborhood group in Decatur Township.

In early 2013, Jon was contacted by about creating a talk show for them.  Initially, he declined.  As he thought about it, though, he decided to take the opportunity.  Thankfully, it was still there.  On February 18, 2013, the JohnnyStir Show debuted .  The show ended on July 28, 2014.

Jon also serves on the Decatur Township Civilian Fire Merit Commission as the Secretary.  He is a past President of the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters and has served as a classroom teachers representative in his local teachers association. He ran unsuccessfully for Indianapolis City-County Council in 2015

He resides in Decatur Township where he uses his free time to work on community issues, update the blog, host the radio show, follow politics, participate in social media, and be a sports fan.

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